Bear Pot

Term-Long Assignment example for Advanced 3D Animation Program curriculum, for Computer Animation Production class at Langara - Centre for Entertainment Arts.

Students are tasked to create a plant pot like this one, and go through essential production facets of a simple CG 3d puppet pipeline. (Modeling, Look-Development, Rigging, Animation, Rendering).


Miscellaneous Process Images

Here's some behind the scenes (concept design, texture maps, and animation thumbnails).

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Bear Pot Concept Design
Bear UV & Texture Map
Succulent UV & Texture Map
Animation Thumbnails

Rig Test

Here's a video on how the puppet rig works. The focus on all this curriculum examples was to do as much as possible while keeping rigging simple, so that it could still be used as an example for students, so that they can hopefully re-create the fundamentals in their own pots.