Bryantophant Had Too Much Coffee

Little project for a friend as a birthday present, because he drinks a lot of coffee, and he might have been an elephant on another life 🐘.


Miscellaneous Process Images

For this project I was interested in exploring the idea of a coffee addict elephant and how would this character react after having a cup of coffee that was larger than their own body.


As far as the technical pipeline goes, I doodled the concept in Photoshop, then sketched out the topology on Zbrush trying to keep the same feeling and main pose as on the sketch, sent it to Blender for texturing, rigging, and animation on Blender. Then exported out to Sketchfab, where I made sure the shaders worked as close as to the Blender scene as possible.


It was a really fun small project where I was able to explore a lot and learn lots while playing with such a silly character.

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Bryantophant Sketch
Zbrush Sculpt
Blender Rig Set-up