Ribbit Ribbit Studios' Short-film

This is a stop-motion animated short-film meant to launch Ribbit Ribbit Studios' 2012 branding identity.


Miscellaneous Process Images

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Storyboard on paper
Storyboard on paper


After discussing what we wanted the project to be like, I made this storyboard, to get a better idea of what would the project be like.

Hand-drawn Animation Test

Here's a hand-drawn rough pass of animation, to solve a lot of potential problems, and this way I was able to focus on nailing the timing and phrasing of the short, before getting my hands dirty with plasticine.

Toothpick Jump Test

For this project one of the biggest challenges was how to make the balls jump while having control over the animation.

This is the very first test, with a tooth pick, it worked decent, but it turned out to be not as stable, and it would have been really hard to clean up in post-production.

Cans, Hot Glue and Aluminum Wire Test

After many tests and research, we decided it would be best to have some sort of weight holding the balls from outside of the frame, and attach wire with hot glue, to suspend the balls off the table. At the time I didn't have any weighs, but had lots of grocery cans, and they worked like a charm!

This test was one of those eureka moments of the project.

Animated Short Raw Footage

This is how it looked right after we finished shooting all the animation for the short, without any post-production, or removing wires.