Squatchie's Forest

Animation and illustration for a free to play slot game.

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All symbols hierarchy
Butterfly cascade feature still
Payline highlight example
Win celebration example
Free spin feature still
Royal snack feature still
Stomped wilds feature still
Reorganize symbols feature still

A word on limited animation and game memory

The game was made with memory taken into consideration, due to its need to work on very low end mobile devices. Because of that, most of the animation was approached in a very limited way, trying the best to not compromise the craft as much as possible.

This is an example of one of the symbols win animation done with not too many drawings to keep it light on memory.


Butterfly Cascade Feature Mockup

While playing a butterfly can bother sleeping Squatchie, and provoke him to sneeze, and make the reels to cascade down after the lowest row is "sneezed off".

Reorganize Symbols Feature Mockup

On this feature, Squatchie reorganizes symbols on the reels.

Royal Snack Feature Mockup

Squatchie loves eating royals, and whenever that happens, a new symbol appears to replace that empty space on the reels.

Stomped Wilds Feature Mockup

Squatchie likes stomping on the floor, and this provokes some symbols to drop, and add wild symbols to the reels.

Miscellaneous Process Images

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Sketch of Squatchie with his friend sunny
Squatchie thumbnails, red pencil sketches are Jeff Solway's suggestions
Sketches of Squatchie
Sketches of Squatchie
Sketches of Squatchie and feature transitions
Reorder symbols feature early sketch
Squatchie thumbnails
Squatchie, friends, and feature sketches
Wild and scatter symbol sketches
Squatchie sketch
Wild and Scatter sketches
Squatchie sketches
Wild symbol sketches
Some possible royal symbol sketches
Squatchie's turn around sketches

Squatchie enjoying a nap